How to parent teenagers: Top Tip

Parenting teenagers is hard. There is no denying it. Sometimes you feel like you have the best relationship, but quite often there are times when you feel like banging your head against a brick wall.

For that reason I wanted to share with you my number one top tip for parenting teenagers. Get this right and everything else should fall into place!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is all about COMMUNICATION!

Keeping lines of communication open is the bedrock for a great relationship with your son or daughter. If you want your kid to be able to come and tell you the things that worry them then having the foundations of regular communication is so important.

If you are one of the lucky ones then you’ll already have this with your teen. If not, then how do we cultivate it?

Start with making it a regular thing so it doesn't feel weird for them (or you!). For example you could always ask them about their day at dinner, or before they go to bed if evenings are busy in your house. Make sure phones (including yours!) are put away so there are no distractions. Whilst it might feel a bit unnatural at first don't give up! Keep trying. All kids want to feel and safe and even if they are unresponsive at first they will be feeling glad you’ve asked them.

Do you have any advice or tips to share about keeping lines of communication? Hit me up in the comments below!