Exam Mindset and Mentoring 

Exam season is almost here.  Is your household already feeling the pressure? Are you finding yourself having strained conversations with your teenager about how much revision they are (or are not) doing? Does it feel like any advice you give results in conflict and arguments? Or perhaps you worried that your son or daughter is putting too much pressure on themselves, not allowing themselves time away from the books. Are they heading for burnout before the exams even begin?

I can help.

With over 13 years of experience teaching English in secondary schools I know how hard this season in teenagers’ lives can be on everyone involved. Parents can often feel a bit lost; they want to support their  teen but don’t know how. Sometimes the teen will reject your help because they are stressed out and need someone to lash out at, and you get to be that lucky person!

 I also know that schools can only do so much. In the end it comes down to the individual, and yet when school finished and study leave begins, students don’t know where to begin. When the lessons are over and the extra revision classes after school are done, it’s up to them, and that can be terrifying.

Here’s what I can do

‘Exam Mindset and Mentoring’ is a unique opportunity for your son or daughter to work with me on a one to one basis. I will be able to support and guide them through everything they need to do to prepare themselves for their GCSE or A Level exams. The package includes a 1 hour online call with me every week where I will teach them an aspect of exam preparation and give them specific strategies to put in place. This will also be a session where they will be accountable for the work they have done the previous week as we review their revision and mindset progress. There are two options available:

1.       5 week plan starting after the Easter holidays and finishing just before May half term

 2.       5 week plan plus continued weekly support after May half term right for as long as your teen needs it with the option of support up until your teen finishes their exams.

Here’s what we will cover

Week One – Effective Goal Setting

I will help your teen to set achievable and attainable goals for each of their subjects. We will discuss and write down their beliefs about their ability in each subject and examine the language they use. From this we will reframe any limiting beliefs as challenges that need to be overcome. We will look at the necessary steps they will need to reach those goals, checking that they are SMART. We will then write those goals down and set affirmations your teen can use every day.

Week Two – Revision Strategies

I will go through all the revision strategies I know to be effective. We will then draw up a revision timetable, checking that each subject is evenly distributed throughout the weeks to avoid cramming (which is the least effective revision method). We will also schedule time in for testing their knowledge and reviewing what they have learnt. In the sessions after Week Two there will be time to review and discuss the revision timetable and progress in our sessions. Week two is a good gauge point as your teen is able to understand their progress so far and focus on what they need to do next.

Week Three – Fear and Overcoming Exam Nerves

This week we will look at how and why fear holds you back. We will talk about the inner critic and what to do when he or she shows up! I will give your teen tools to overcome fear and nerves in exams, enabling them to stare the fear down and look forward to the opportunity to celebrate everything they have worked so hard for in that exam.

Week Four – Self Care

Self-care is essential to effective exam preparation. This week we will talk about their ‘spark’; the one (or more) thing they love to do just for them. We will discuss other aspects of self-care such as getting enough sleep, eating well, taking time away from studying to exercise, see friends and so on. We will also review the revision timetable again, making sure that there is time scheduled for their ‘spark’.

Week Five – Review

In our final session we will look back over the last four weeks and check progress. We will revisit the goals set in the first week and see how close they are to being met. We will review the revision timetable and write a new one to take your teen from the May half term through to their final exams.

May Half Term

After May half term your teen can continue with my support for as long as they want as part of package 2.  We can discuss exactly what is required during May half term.


  1. 5 week plan early bird offer (available until Friday 12th April) - £250. Thereafter £300

2. Week by week support after May Half Term – £50 per week.