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One To One Sessions for Parents

Mentoring for you


Part of my 1:1 work with teenagers involves speaking regularly with their parents, sharing updates on how the sessions are impacting life at home and at school. Often these sessions become a mentoring session in their own right; so much of parenting calmly is down to mindset.

But what happens when your teenager refuses to talk to anyone like me even though you know the impact it will make on their life will be huge? What happens when they feel too embarrassed, ashamed or shy to talk to a mentor or coach? You cannot force them to talk to someone, and so life continues as you watch your teen become more and more withdrawn and less and less confident. Family life continues to be strained, parents continue to worry that their child is not living the life they deserve, but instead, putting their faith in limiting beliefs and not showing up unapologetically as they are.

Parent mentoring sessions with me are my solution to the problem.

In these sessions we will:

·         Unpack all the contributing factors as to how/why your son/daughter has got to the place they are at now

·         Your goals as a parent and the steps you need to take to get there

·         The limiting beliefs you have as a parent and how you can release them

·         Practical strategies for dealing with unresponsive and uncommunicative behaviour

·         Tips for helping your teen ‘find their spark’ and ways to keep it ignited

·         Practical tips and strategies to help your teen cultivate a healthy relationship with social media

·         Practical tips and strategies to help you kid stay happy and motivated at school

This support is for you if you need

·         Someone to listen without judgement

·         Someone to talk to who is outside of your family and social circle

·         Someone to talk to about the teenage years who you know has had many years of experience with working with young people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities

·         Someone to help you see why your teenager is behaving in a certain way, to help you separate the behaviour from the person

·         Someone to help you develop growth mindset when it comes to parenting and life in general.

This is for parents who

·         Know their child needs help but cannot get them to receive it

·         Are ready to take action to improve family life and their relationship with their teenager

This is not for anyone who

·         Doesn’t like talking about their feelings

·         Wants a quick solution to their problem

·         Isn’t committed to doing the work necessary to make the change they want to see in their family life.