Everyone is different: One to One Coaching

·         Is your child struggling with self-confidence?

·         Do you think they worry too much  about what people think about them?

·         Do you worry about what they think about themselves?

·         Are they often seeking validation from the number of likes they receive on social media?

·         Do they spend too much time on their smartphones?

·         Does your child often find things overwhelming?

·         Do they find school too much, believing that they will fail rather than thrive?

·         Do you think they worry too much about their future?

I can help.

I can work with your child one to one. We can meet weekly to talk through all this stuff. We can work on shifting their mindset and unpacking the feelings and beliefs they have about themselves, their future and their place in the world. We will look at how life at school is going, and the areas that they are finding challenging. We will set manageable and effective targets to help them achieve their potential at school. We will reflect on the time they spend online and on social media, and talk about how it makes them feel. We will work on strategies that will help them to cultivate a healthy relationship with social media and real relationships with people.

If you think I can help your teen then please contact me to arrange a no obligation call.

Before working with Maria I had no confidence in my ability. I had always been told I wouldn’t do very well and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t push through it. Maria made a huge difference in both my abilities and confidence. I always looked forward to working with her and it honestly made an enormous difference to my academic ability.
— Megan, aged 17