Since 2000 I have been working with teenagers to build their confidence, life skills and ambition.


My Background

I have worked with teenagers since I was 19 when I spent my summers teaching English at local language schools. I always took a week, sometimes two to volunteer for Over the Wall, a charity running summer camps for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. This was when I first became aware of the strength and resilience of young people.

I graduated with an English degree from the University of York and then qualified to teach secondary school.

I spent the next 13 years teaching English, Media and Communications in secondary schools in London and Dorset.   I am passionate about teaching and about helping students fulfil their academic potential.   But more than their grades I loved seeing the tremendous benefit of one to one coaching and creating the space for students to work their way through the barriers to their own development and to build their own confidence. It taught me that their successes came down to their mindset.

Communications is a passion of mine and in 2018 I also qualified as a Social Media Manager.   I love social media and I believe in the positive impact it has on people. I also know the obvious, and perhaps the less obvious, risks of spending hours on smartphones everyday. I am now  researching how the advent of the smartphone and social media affects teenagers and the impact it is having on their health, self-confidence, wellbeing and education.

I am a coach and mentor for teenagers.  I use my many years’ of teaching experience and my social media management skills to help teenagers build a positive mindset to navigate through the worlds of education, social media and the internet.  My goal is to help teenagers own their future by overcoming the challenges they face today and being ready for the ones they face tomorrow.   

Maria built my teenage daughter’s confidence with gentle nuturing and generally making her feel good and positive about herself. My daughter progressed from believing that she couldnt achieve to achieving very well over a short period of time. The confidence that Maria helped my daughter gain has enabled her to face bigger and more stressful situations in a relaxed fashion.

What i do What I don’t do

  • Work one to one with your child, in person if you are local or electronically if you are not

  • Explore the issues that are holding them back

  • Help to unpack how they feel when they are online, and how they feel when they are not

  • Provide skills and techniques for them to fulfill their personal, academic and social potential

  • Identify and help progress towards realistic and achievable goals

  • Give tips and advice on journaling and other strategies

  • Provide counselling services

  • Promise A’s and A*s; every child is different and that includes their academic ability. My work is about helping them to approach life with a positive mindset. This can and does have an affect on their grades.

  • Promise to get rid of the many challenges teenagers deal with every day.